About Bud

Bud Gundy is a writer, producer, director, and on-air host at KQED, the PBS and NPR affiliate for Northern California. In 2003, he received an Emmy Award for producing the documentary Lonely Island: Hidden Alcatraz. He won his second Emmy Award in 2016 for directing the KQED News special, State of Surveillance. He's been nominated for two other works.


Somewhere Over Lorain Road

by Bud Gundy

For more than forty years, the stain of horrific allegations against their father has haunted the Esker sons. When three little boys were murdered in 1975, their dad was suspected of the crimes. The immense strain of the unsolved case shattered the family, sending the brothers reeling into destinies of death, flight, and, in the case of Don Esker, shame-filled silence.


Elf Gift

by Bud Gundy

Something is happening. Something big.

In Ireland at the time of the potato famine, a young servant discovers that he is part of a mystery he could never have imagined. In modern San Francisco, two more unsuspecting people are drawn into the same vortex.


Butterfly Dream

by Dave Lara & Bud Gundy

Based on a true story...

"At 86 years old, Banat Frantz recalls the first 21 years of his life, growing up Jewish and gay in Hitler’s Germany. He brings the wisdom and perspective of nearly nine decades to the observations of his younger self, laying waste to the delusions and madness of the times.