Butterfly Dream

Butterfly Dream by Dave Lara and Bud Gundy

by Dave Lara / Bud Gundy
historical fiction
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Based on a true story...

At 86 years old, Banat Frantz recalls the first 21 years of his life, growing up Jewish and gay in Hitler’s Germany. He brings the wisdom and perspective of nearly nine decades to the observations of his younger self, laying waste to the delusions and madness of the times.

In Jewish camps throughout Europe, Banat befriends the last of Germany’s Jews to realize what was happening – the movie stars, producers, directors, writers and other artists who were formerly pampered and influential. They form a brilliant, triumphant cabaret that became the most acclaimed in Europe.

Even in the grip of Nazi control, Banat explores his emerging sexuality and falls in love. Soon, he is swallowed by the great darkness of Auschwitz, and among the most profound horrors in history he learns to seek survival in the most private, flickering corners of his heart.

Nothing can kill truth, and love shines in even the bleakest worlds.

"One of the most powerful books
I have ever read."
   - The LL Book Review

"A fascinating inner journey."
   - Alan Chin, Examiner.com